The Support Services of the Burundi Red Cross in need of support

In the wake of the meeting gathering partners of the Burundi Red Cross, 2018 edition, it was noticed that the support services of the National Society records a deficit in terms of human resources, training and tools for better programmatic service delivery. “Our support services has not follow the development rhythm of the National Society in terms of organizational and partnership plans”, acknowledges the Secretary General, Anselme KATIYUNGURUZA. And to advocate that the Finance Management, the Support Services, and the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting department should benefit a significant support for a better follow up of the operational programs.

The important points highlighted in the advocacy folder  are notably the implementation of a salary fund; the decentralization of accounting within branches, the support of crosscutting cost by partners. “Programs are still not taking into account the crosscutting costs, which is detrimental to the proper funds of the National Society”, exclaims Octavie KUBWAMUNGU, Director of Support Services.

For this concern, the Secretary General of the Burundi Red Cross suggests to the partners a new budget template. According to Anselme KATIYUNGURUZA, all budgets should cover the direct costs, the indirect costs, and the administrative costs. In this way, we would have respected the integrated planning approach advocated by the National Society for some time.

In the line with filling the gap in the financial management area, the Finance Director is very determined to revolutionize the situation and proposes to partners to finance position of Finance Delegate that would support the Burundi Red Cross. “In addition to the fact that Branches escape our financial system because of the absence of interconnection between Branches, the National Society is a victim of a brain drain regarding accountants”, revealed Sebastian CIMPAYE. And to explain that salaries provided by the Burundi Red Cross Burundi are not competitive on the labor market.

Despite all raised challenges, the partners acknowledge the particular character of the Burundi Red Cross and engage in its support as much as possible. “It is a big milestone for the  Burundi Red Cross because we don’t have to ask the same questions we asked ten years ago”, rejoices Toerris JAEGER, Director of the International Department at the Norwegian Red Cross.

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