An effective Organizational Development for a Strong National Society…

The Burundi Red Cross maintains of its network of over 600,000 active volunteers spread on 2912 hills/villages of Burundi thanks to its Organizational Development Structure. Integrated in its Strategic Plan 2018-2021, the Burundi Red Cross considers the Organizational Development as a container in order to execute and sustain actions of the projects and programs. As expressed during the Burundi Red Cross’s partnership meeting that takes place in The Hague, it is this content that facilitates the flow of humanitarian information from the grassroots to  the Headquarter in record time to save lives.

Since the Burundi Red Cross wants to strengthen the organizational development, all the partners should subscribe to the organizational support of the National Society. “Even though we have made such a progress, we should then think together on how to make the network of volunteers more effective and efficient, without which, the humanitarian responses such as the assistance to the most vulnerable, the social cohesion cannot be put into force,” reminded Anselme Katiyunguruza, Secretary General of the Burundi Red Cross. And to add: “the partners of the Burundi Red Cross should help us revolutionize our way of motivating and maintaining our volunteers”. Anselme Katiyunguruza is convinced that overriding this philosophy would instead be synonymous of investing for loss.

The Burundi Red Cross has one of the widest networks of volunteers in Africa. Thus, the National Society has more than 650,000 volunteers, representing a third of volunteers from African National Societies.

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