The Model Household Approach in Line of vision of Partners

The Burundi Red Cross’s partnership meeting held in The Hague ended on 26 th October 2018 on the firm resolution of the participants. All partners, both Movement and non Movement partners, unanimously declared to be ready to support the implementation of the model household approach for effective community resilience.

Some Participant National Societies have been engaged in promoting the international alliance in relation with the implementation of the Model Household Approach.  Others said to be ready to continue consolidation of support, for a long period, in one or the other criterion of the Model Household.

Another aspect that calls on partners’ commitment is the support of support services and finance. Furthermore, the Burundi Red Cross had wished such a support to improve financial system of the National Society.

The Secretary General, Anselme KATIYUNGURUZA pledged before partners to implement a follow up system  in order to  consolidate efficiency of the National Society et all level.


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