Balanced diet awareness through mobile cinema show

More than 200 residents of Jenda village, in Songa Commune of Bururi Province, received training on good nutrition. It was this Friday, April 13, 2018 through Mobile Cinema show, basic didactic tool, in order to improve the health of the population.

The president of Red Cross Local Unit of Jenda is delighted by the presence of various foods in his community. Nevertheless, these foods are, he said, poorly consumed for lack of knowledge about the concept of balanced diet.

The Focal Point of the Support program to Sustainable Rural Development for Nutrition clarified, after the projection of the film on nutrition, that a meal is balanced if it contains three types of food. First, there are body building foods such as beans, meat, eggs. Secondly, there are foods that increase strength of our body like potatoes, banana, corn, palm oil. Finally, fruits and vegetables are a third category of foods that protect our body .

The participants, very satisfied with the content of the program of the day, promised to practice balanced diet in their respective households.

The Support Program to Sustainable Rural Development for Nutrition announced to participants that the next phase will be the installation of the Learning and Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (FARN). This phase is already operational in some communes of Bururi province.

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