Towards a very Concrete and Direct Cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Burundi

The president of the Burundi Red Cross, Mr. Pamphile KANTABAZE, was received in audience on the 13th November, 2018 by the Senior advisor of the Chinese Embassy in Burundi.  The two authorities discussed the future formal cooperation between the Burundi Red Cross and the People’s Republic of China, through its Embassy in Bujumbura. “We will come back to you with a cooperation plan to enable you to be more effective”, said SUN Chian.

The Senior advisor of the Chinese Embassy  is delighted over the intervention areas of the Burundi Red Cross comply with those of the  institution he represents. “Together, we can do better”, estimated SUN Chian. Satisfied with this perspective offer, the Burundi Red Cross’s president asked his interlocutor an ad hock team to design cooperation plan in order to meet the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan of the National Society.

The Chinese Embassy in Burundi has always been close to the Burundi Red Cross by means of punctual actions. We shall mention notably the handover of the cheque of 100 million Burundian Francs to manage the 2014 floods, and recently in September 2018, the handover of an emergency kit. Through the Embassy, the Chinese Red Cross also made an important donation of medical tools to the National Society.

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