Makamba: Volunteers carry out a clean up operation in the flooded villages of Kayogoro

More than 500 latrines in the village of Gatabo and 300 latrines in the village of Buga in Kayogoro Commune in Makamba province have overflowed following floods caused by heavy rains. The latter hit those villages in the week of April 23, 2018. The dirty water from these latrines poured into these neighboring villages and the inhabitants fear for their health.

The Red Cross volunteers from Kayogoro commune mobilized themselves to disinfect the two localities. In addition, they conduct hygiene awareness sessions to prevent dirty hand diseases. Sensitizations focus on household water treatment and distribution of aquatabs. However, the Red Cross Branch of Makamba reports a shortage of aquatabs and chlorine for household water treatment as well as pumps, overalls and boots to successfully perform spraying activities.

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