Muyinga: Volunteers trained on Community Engagement and Accountability

Since the beginning of 2018, the structures of the Burundi Red Cross, at all level, have been more strengthened in capacity on the accountability to community mechanisms. From 24 to 26 April 2018, 14 volunteers from the Muyinga Red Cross Branch were trained on Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA). Oswald Nahimana, Provincial Secretary of the Branch of Muyinga, is confident that the quality of the programs and projects implemented in his Branch will be improved thanks to the CEA approach that was previously operational but in a non-efficient way.

The 14 volunteers, these are 7 Communal Secretaries and representatives of the youth sections of the communes of the Red Cross Branch of Muyinga, learned the communication with community approach, the complaints and feedback mechanism and the rumor tracking in the humanitarian setting. They also had on the menu the conflict resolution, the effective use of social networks in emergency as well as the relationship between the implementation of the Model Household approach and the CEA approach.

The beneficiaries of the training say they are committed to applying the knowledge acquired. « I wouldn’t realize that our way of communicating with communities still had gaps, and now the 4 pillars of the CEA approach, which are transparency, communication, participation and learning, will always be at the core of our daily actions, « said the Communal Secretary of the Muyinga Commune.

Training on Community Engagement and Accountability is the second in the Muyinga Branch. The first concerned the minimum standards of CEA. All these capacity building sessions are organized thanks to the support of the Finnish Red Cross through its Integrated Health project.

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