Positive Result for the Project “ Framework Agreement: Improving Resilience of population in vulnerable situation” in the Branch of Muyinga

The Framework Agreement project: “Improving Resilience of population in vulnerable situation” has already recorded a successful achievement in the province of Muyinga. Implemented since 2017, 250 vulnerable families from Giteranyi commune have benefited solid, safe and healthy house.

Both Dr. Robert GOERENS,  President of International Aid and Alexander JACOBY, Director of International Aid Projects at the Luxembourg Red Cross, say they are satisfied with the project’s result. “ We salute the step achieved by the Project and we hope the beneficiary conditions are going to be improved and the design of these houses will serve as an example to the rest of Muyinga Communities”, said Dr. Robert GOERENS, during the follow-up mission that took place on the 7th  November 2018 in the  Red Cross Branch of Muyinga.

The Vulnerable families are identified by the local administration in collaboration with the Local Red Cross Unit committees on the basis of predefined criteria. 50 percent identified beneficiaries are from repatriates , returnees, IDPs and other 50 percent are vulnerable families.

Moreover, each beneficiary contributes to the construction of his house, by making 2,500 bricks. The Burundi Red Cross volunteers, on their side, give a hand to the most vulnerable families. “Without the support of the volunteers and my neighbors in making required bricks, digging the latrines, my children could not have been protected from the cold that threatened their health”, rejoiced Renilde Nduwayo, mother of 8 children.

The Framework Agreement Project equally developed nurseries of 200,000 agro-forestry plants to contribute to the protection of environment in the Giteranyi commune. Each vulnerable will therefore benefit of 50 forestry plants during this implementation period.

Water sources are also constructed and 7 out of 10 are already useful.

The Framework Agreement project: “Improving Resilience of population in vulnerable situationcovers 4 areas. These are shelter, environment, construction of water sources and capacity building for resilience to natural and socio-economic hazards. The project is implemented by the Burundi Red Cross with the support of the Luxembourg Red Cross.

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