Burundi Red Cross volunteers help victims of torrential rains

The torrential rains that hit Burundi in this period of March and April are causing enormous material damage in various communes of the country. The week of April 02, 2018 was the hardest for some provinces. The Red Cross volunteers of the Branches of Bubanza, Kayanza and Bujumbura Mairie are assisting victims of the floods and the destruction of houses caused by heavy rains and violent winds that hit their provinces. Other actions include the construction and rehabilitation of destroyed houses and providing displaced households with food and non-food items and accommodation. Volunteers also spray flooded houses and latrines to prevent diseases related to poor hygiene.

During the week, Bubanza province recorded 68 houses completely destroyed and 20 others partially destroyed. 131 households are currently homeless and more than 200 hectares of crop fields have been damaged. Communes that have been heavily affected are Musigati and Bubanza.

In Kayanza province, Red Cross volunteers identified 7 houses partially destroyed and 521 hectares of damaged crop fields and more than 4,700 affected people. Bridges and roads were temporally blocked. The roofs of the classrooms of the Fundamental School of Mutana have been removed by violent winds. It is Gatara, Muruta, Kayanza  communes that experienced more damage.

The Bujumbura Mairie has also been affected. In the neighborhoods of Bukirasazi II and Buterere, torrential rains flooded 79 households and 168 latrines.

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