Muramvya: Mobile cinema is a key approach in the prevention and community support of malaria

Mobile Cinema is raising awareness methodology appreciated by communities of Muramvya Province. Projections constantly take place in public places such as markets and stadiums. Currently, the sessions are organized with the aim of raising awareness on the prevention and community support of malaria.

To reach the greatest number of people, sensitization is made in the local language. The Red Cross volunteers start sessions with a series of questions related to malaria. These sessions teaching good practices and behavior change welcome a heterogeneous population: men, women, adults and young people as well as children. Through this set of questions and answers, Red Cross Volunteers grasp the opportunity of describing malaria, its symptoms, causes and effects, with a particular focus on the role of community health workers in community support of malaria.

The role of community health workers includes sensitization on the use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets, sanitation around households, screening of malaria of children under five years and providing medical care. “The Local populations rely on our expertise, especially at night when children fall sick while they have to walk a long distance to the nearest health center,” says Jean Bizimana, community health worker.

These activities are implemented by the Burundi Red Cross with the support of the Belgian Red Cross/Flanders in the framework of the malaria project.

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