Gitega :Volunteers’ talent meet the community needs

« Doing something well», is what the Branch Red Cross of Gitega is committed to. In the presence of journalists and the local population, the volunteers local Red Cross of Giheta demonstrated the steps followed in building an improved stove. It was on Friday 15t February, 2019, in Giheta commune of the Branch of Gitega. “Improved Stoves contribute significantly to the reduction of firewood consumption and protect communities against respiratory diseases,” explained one of the volunteers. Numerous stoves have been fabricated and made available to communities. This project launched in 2017 with support of the Red Cross in partnership with the WFP.

Volunteers similarly proceeded to the demonstration of the transformation of soy to milk and kibble that helps rehabilitate health of malnourished children.

Another pertinent presentation was on “the Model Household”, one of the main pillars of the new Strategic Plan of the Burundi Red Cross. The Branch Coordinator of the Branch of Gitega indicated that his volunteers preach by example in the implementation of the model household criteria. The journalists had the opportunity to visit a household under transformation with the support of volunteers.

These media professionals saluted the actions of the volunteers. They committed to broadening vulgarization of various activities of the Burundi Red Cross.

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