Bujumbura Mairie: displaced people of kiyange site assisted in dignity kit

The Burundi Red Cross, in collaboration with the UNFPA, has provided dignity assistance for 542 women and girls of childbearing age ranging from 16 to 55 years old and biscuits for 616 aged from 6 to 15. They are from 65 surviving households of recent floods of Butere gathered in Kiyange site. Each woman or girl received a bucket containing  one piece of loincloth, 3 laundry bars of soap, one box of body cream, 3 pieces of underwear and box of menstruation hygiene kit. Each child received a box of biscuits.

The assistance results in needs based advocacy made by the Burundi Red Cross to the UNFPA. Beneficiaries, through their local leader, thank the Burundi Red Cross’s initiative and the timely response of UNFP.

However, displaced people of Kiyange are still facing lack of latrines to prevent hygiene-related diseases. Food assistance is also insufficient as underlined by the local leader. He urged the Burundi Red Cross and UNFPA to continue mobilizing other humanitarian actors to support in rehabilitation of their destroyed houses.

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