The partnership meeting of the Burundi Red Cross in The Hague…

A 2 day partnership meeting of the Burundi Red Cross, 2018 edition, is taking place from October 25th in The Hague in Netherlands. A strong delegation of the Burundi Red Cross, chaired by the President of the National Society, attended the meeting in order to advocate for the most vulnerable Burundian people vis-à-vis, in particular, the Movement partners.  The latter responded numerously to the invitation, as 11 participate in the opening ceremony. Held under the theme “Community resilience based on the Model Household Approach”, the partnership meeting was opened by the Permanent Secretary at the Burundian Ministry for International Affairs.

In his speech, Dr. Jean de Dieu NDIKUMANA called for all partners of the Burundi Red Cross to support the National Society in various fields. “In regard with humanitarian challenges, the Burundi Red Cross cannot alone be able to handle  all the task if it is not supported by partners who you are, who we are”, he said. The challenges raised by the Representative of the Tutelary authority of the Burundi Red Cross are notably HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, climate change, and the population movement as well as the threat of the Ebola Virus Disease.

Before the intervention of the Permanent Secretary at the Burundian Ministry for International Affairs, the Burundi Red Cross’s President had also made the same call for the support of the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2018-2021. Mr. Pamphile KANTABAZE advocates for the promotion, the design and the deployment of an international and national alliance around the Model Household Approach. Thus, the Strategic Plan 2018-2021 makes the Model Household Approach the Alpha and Omega for every interventions of the Burundi Red Cross. The Head of the Burundi Red Cross reassures partners that their support will be capitalized and fructified for the profit of the most vulnerable thanks to the wide network of volunteers spread across the whole country.

And, it is the same story for the ICRC and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.  Represented respectively by Albert UWIZEYIMANA and Andreas SANDIN, the two components of the Movement congratulate the National Society for its humanitarian action, its openness to all and its presence to the whole national territory. They are all unanimous that their organizations are going to continue supporting the National Society in its noble mission and first and foremost, the implementation of the ongoing Strategic Plan. “The Burundi Red Cross is a National Society that started from zero in 2004, but defies the entire movement in terms of volunteers in the community”, testifies Albert UWIZEYIMANA from ICRC.

The meeting that gathered partners of the Burundi Red Cross, 2018 edition was also attended by  non Movement partners, notably the WFP that represents the United Nations Agencies in Burundi.

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