Rumonge: BRC volunteers stand their ground against Cholera

The province of Rumonge began the year of 2019 in the midst of a cholera epidemic. While the first suspected case was declared on December 22nd of the previous year, there are now 138 cases, including one death. Three patients are still being treated at the Cholera treatment center in Rumonge.

Cholera is increasingly becoming cyclical in this young province of southern Burundi despite the relentless actions of the Red Cross volunteers. “We do not weary and we are convinced that we will eventually eradicate this epidemic or at least diminish its magnitude,” delivers Languide NIZIGAMA, Provincial Secretary of the Red Cross.

For the moment, the volunteers of the National Society are kept busy with the pulverization and the animation of hygiene awareness sessions through mobile cinema. In a trice, more than a thousand households have been sprayed and sensitized to hygiene. In addition, products named aqua tabs have been distributed for the treatment of water at home.

Localities that have been hit more than others exceed a dozen. These are Gatete, Nyakamba, Mutambara, Urban Center,Kanyenkoko, Iteba, Mwange, Minago, Muturirwa, Kizuka and Gihwanya.

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