Programs and Project’ Managers trained in Information Management

The Burundi Red Cross is committed to reinforcing the abilities of project/program managers in the field of information management. Under the facilitation of the Information Management Officer at the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent at the African Zone level, training on data management was conducted from November 12th to 17th of 2018 in the Muramvya Branch.

The training focused on the information management cycle, namely the collection, processing, analysis and sharing of all data. Thus, the training participants familiarized with advanced information technology including Kobocollect tool, Advanced Microsoft Excel, Intelligent Power Business, QGIS and Humanitarian Data Sharing.

The Head of Information Management at the IFRC, at the African Zone level, Mr. Hendrick Hilbert Hoff, said that in order to have strong National Society, the information management aspect must be put upstream. The aim is enhancing response to real needs, and also improving the extension of the real impact of the data with potential partners.

On behalf of The Head of the IT Department at the Burundi Red Cross, Mr. Bertrand Rukundo, the knowledge acquired will help in enhancing guide actions and contributing to strategic decision-making within the various operational programs of the National Society. He added that the Burundi Red Cross would henceforth be registered on the collaborative platform to share data with other humanitarian actors.

Let’s note that this training was made possible gracefully through the financial support of the Norwegian Red Cross.

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